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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Response to a Jamaica Gleaner letter

So today I read a blog on a fellow blogger's page and was really heated up at the comments made by the person writing the letter. Yes each person has an opinion but just because your opinion and my opinion aren't the same, doesn't give you the right to chase me away from what I have a rightful claim to. My response was not sent to the Jamaica Gleaner nor did I make a comment on the web page. I would advise that you follow the link and read the letter before reading my response, as this may not make much sense without some knowledge of what the letter itself said.

My Ranting Response

Until some churches or some ministers acknowledge that their understanding of passages in the Bible may be flawed and until Gay or gay affirming Christians can be publicly and without fear be allowed to explain their beliefs, then this notion that pedophilia and bestiality and polygamy... etc are all the same sin as homosexuality will forever continue. And it will be harnessed and developed by these pastors. But what all of these persons forget is that they're taking judging us, they are committing the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, seems like they are the sodomites.

As for us to leave, we leave for many reasons but definitely not because we're 'kindly' asked to leave, we have as much right to live in this country as any other person here in Jamaica. I wonder though if all (every single) gay Jamaicans were to get up tomorrow and move to countries that are tolerant, what would it mean for this country. Yes they would continue, or yes they could rebuild. But I think it would show them that though we are persecuted our contribution to society when withdrawn would be quite visible.

You know we probably should encourage a boycott next time around since it seems that our disagreement was not needed.

I'll probably save this letter that J.M Fletcher wrote to the editor for the day when things do change. Oh to see their faces.

The "Christianity" being practiced or those proclaiming themselves as Christians need to go read their Bibles again, the hate and haughtiness, lack of sincerity, and bigotry coming from them, as I stated above, comes among the sin of Sodom and her sisters. Daily we see the true Sodomites in the rhetoric of these people. My prayer though is that God will remove the scales from their eyes, for they don't read nor 'study to show themselves approved' rather they swallow the regurgitated lies, half-truths and uncertainty from those before them. We aren't calling for them to accept for I believe that all should be able to hold their beliefs, but when it comes to spreading intolerance, and murder messages based on lies and half-truths then that's where the line in freedom of expression and beliefs needs to be drawn.

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