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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good God (*shakes head*)


The above is an article form the Jamaica Star.

This is past disappointing, upsetting disgusting, I can't come up with more words. The nerve, these men have to have gone into the couple's home and then allegedly beat them for having "freaky sex" IN THEIR OWN HOME! How in God's name did these people end up in the couple's house much less to BEAT them for some thing private,  A PRIVATE CONSENSUAL ACT. Then after that to rape the woman in the same method for which she and her male sex partner were beaten?? What kind of foolishness was this? And then they talk about homosexuals being the most sexually perverse? Since the cultural thing to do would to beat and kill LGBTs then why they don't kill rapists too? Since the Christian and religious thing to do is preach fire and brimstone then I wonder if they will do that when they hear of rapes? Hypocrisy.

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