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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jamaica's participation in IDAHO

This is good news and I'm glad that an event did happen on this day. My dissatisfaction is that not many people were aware of it. I wasn't aware until a fellow blogger mentioned the possibility of it, and then further confirmation from a blog by a fellow blogger. Because not many in the community were aware the possibility of a greater turn out would not have been possible. I can understand that this may have been low key so as to prevent violence or other undesirable effects. For that reason I will not make too much 'noise' about it. 

Again it was good to see that Jamaica participated in IDAHO through means of a protest. Once again we have the media using sensationalism in reporting its article with the headline 'Gay protest at Emancipation Park'. The article on the event can be see at the Observer website through the link below.

Gay protest at Emancipation Park
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