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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jamaica's Ongoing crisis

I'm really not sure what I should say as it regards all of this upsurge of violence. I was quite annoyed and upset in the beginning following the disclosure by PM Bruce Golding that he 'sanctioned' the hiring of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips (MPP) law firm in his capacity as Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) (that admission can be found here). This resulted in many areas of society calling for his resignation. Many Jamaican's here and in the diaspora found that the PM had 'misled' the population, taking us for 'poppy-shows' (fools).

The irony of the PM's admission was that in 2006 he made it his duty to point out that a minister of government cannot separate his position in the government from his political party position.
                "we can't just jump out of one skin and jump into another. And we have to understand that given the nature of our political system, when we act as a minister to whatever extent, we carry party responsibilities, that you are not going to be able to simply separate them, that the one is going to impact on the other, especially when what you are seeking to do in the one capacity is contingent on the constitutional powers that you have in the other capacity. Cannot be separated".

As the saying goes "cock mouth kill cock" [watch your mouth it can get you in trouble] its so true and relevant to what has transpired. 

Following his admission on May 13th, PM Golding addressed the nation. Many persons however refused to accept his apology and called it a carefully crafted speech designed to be politically correct and to appeal to the people. In that address he announced that the extradition request for Christopher 'Dudus' Coke (the man at the heart of this all) would be signed. It left the people with more questions than answers among which: why the sudden change in position? 

One week after PM announced that the request would be signed he once addressed the nation regarding the limited state of emergency that had been declared in Kingston and St. Andrew. With the all out assault on Tivoli Gardens by the security forces (police and Jamaica Defence Force) there have been bloodshed on both sides (security forces and gunmen). 

This has brought to the fore the discussions that all these garrison communities that exist and are allowed to flourish need to be dismantled. The political support they receive is disturbing- the company which Mr Coke is a shareholder has accumulated over $100 million in government contracts, over $70 million less than a year after the JLP assumed power (news article here). Therefore with these funding no wonder these 'dons' are able to provide the basic social necessities for their communities (food, education, shelter, clothing, jobs) which the state should have been providing. Because of this, these don's have then effectively assumed power and authority within these communities. 

                                       (Jamaica Observer Cartoon May 20, 2010)

How will the government tackle this ugly crime monster that has been allowed to fester for all these years? It is no longer a matter of party politics we're all Jamaican's and this is our country. IT IS TIME THAT WE THE PEOPLE OF JAMAICA TAKE BACK JAMAICA. 

                                          (Jamaica Observer Cartoon May 25, 2010)

We cannot however do it on our own this requires divine intervention. I'm well aware that some persons who read this blog aren't Christians but whatever religion or beliefs you adhere to please put Jamaica in your prayers, or thoughts or positive energy, what ever you call it. 

For us Christians, as strong as we may feel we are we are but dust and only human. We by ourselves are not strong enough to bring about this change. I then ask that we all pray, for the safety of all Jamaicans, for peace, for the restoration of the nation. 

Below are links to news articles describing the situation in Jamaica up to the time of this post.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the "Jamaicanisms" (Jamaican idioms)! Most Americans are only exposed to the "Come to Jamaica!" advertisements. Thanks for providing us with another side.


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