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Friday, December 23, 2011

Jamaica's Reaction to Statement By Portia Simpson Miller Part II

I've been trying to decide how to keep my readers up to speed with what is happening following Portia Simpson Miller's [personal] statement that gays can serve in her cabinet (read it here: Simpson Miller Gays can serve in my cabinet (Jamaica Election Debates 2011- Leadership ). I've decided that until I sit and put my thoughts together I'll keep you updated by reposting news articles, other blogs, videos, and comments (Jamaica's Reaction to Statement By Portia Simpson Miller (Gays can serve in my cabinet) Pt I).

So let's get started.

The following was taken from the Jamaica Observer.

‘Idiot plan that!’ - Many Jamaicans against Buggery Law Review
THE pronouncement by Opposition Leader and People’s National Party (PNP) President Portia Simpson Miller during Tuesday night’s national leadership debate that a PNP government led by her would review the buggery law has set off a heated debate with many Jamaicans as well as some churches voicing strong opposition to any such move.
Observer staff reporter Kimmo Matthews yesterday sought the opinions of members of the public on Simpson Miller’s position.
(L-R) ‘Rastaman’, Judith Brown White and Chevan Brown

It is something that I would have to go think about, as I do not want to jump to any conclusion on what was said.
Judith Brown White: Supermarket Sales Rep
I have a problem with that decision. To carry out such a review is totally wrong. What it is promoting is totally against the teachings of the Bible.
Chevan Brown
I think it was a ploy to get votes.
Delroy Mitchell
It has been happening, not here in Jamaica only, and soon or later we are going to have to take a stance. I believe that the rights of citizens should be recognised.
Devon Campbell: Taxi Operator
Not in my cabinet! If a man a deal with him thing, mek him deal with it one side. So that means sooner or later, with this review of the law, my grandchildren can’t walk in peace.
Hubert Palmer: Security guard
We are to stop trying to put a pretty coating on the issue. That sort of practice should not be tolerated. What sort of message will that send to my little son down the road?
Chairmaine Mundle: Supermarket Sales Rep
That should never be allowed to happen. God has never created people to operate and entertain that sort of practice. Our country has a strong Christian faith and belief and that sort of practice should not be encouraged and that is what such a planned review will do.
Our source is God. Why are we trying to sell our souls for the almighty dollar? Jamaica is not a country that embraces that sort of practice. She is out of her cotton-picking mind and she should not sell her soul for the dollar.
It is full time we should try to move away from that sort of primitive approach and allow people to live their lives despite of their sexual orientation.
Richardo Wedderburn: Security Guard
She should have tried to come up with some different approach. I know because she is a woman she a go try balance the thing. But I believe a revision of such laws is going to affect us down the road.
Jonelle Jefferson: Secretary
I do not care what a man or woman wants to do with their life, but the Opposition needs to realise that it is Jamaica we are living in and we are not going to change our views and I think it is going to hurt her chances in the upcoming election.
Orlando Gayle: Security Guard
That is totally unacceptable. Such practice and support of such practice cannot be right at all. We burn that sort of practice. Her move or plans to review the law will certainly help to promote such practice.
Toney Bromwell: Taxi Operator
Idiot plan that. Jamaica no deal with that. A vote me feel she a look.

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