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Friday, April 1, 2011

'Do the Noble Thing' - J-FLAG

In a press release on the 30th March, J-FLAG called "on all Senators to ensure that they capitalize on the present opportunity in the Senate to decisively protect the human rights of all Jamaicans. This call is being made in light of the fact that the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms is presently before the Senate for debate. To let the opportunity pass would signal nothing but a sad day for freedom in our country". The bill, J-FLAG insists, "does not provide sufficiently for the protection from discrimination of a number of vulnerable and marginalized populations".

The Government of Jamaica "has said at the Universal Periodic Review that, ‘Jamaican law [does] not criminalise [sexual] orientation nor does it condone discrimination or violence … and was committed to
ensuring that all citizens are protected from violence’,1 however, the Charter of Rights makes no provision for the protection of gays.

"J-FLAG wishes to remind everyone that this Charter should serve as the basis of human rights recognition for all in a society, where its basic laws are based on the concepts of inclusivity and dignity, and on an appreciation of contemporary science on human sexuality, not on prejudice, fear, habit and misinformation."

The entire press release can be found here.

The Senate is expected to meet for two days beginning the 31st March, to discuss the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms whereby it is expected the Bill will be passed with complete Bi-partisan support.



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