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Monday, March 28, 2011

We Don't Need Directions From International Bodies

And They Say GLBTQA Jamaican's Don't Need Protections
(yeah rrrright)

On February 25, 2011 Mr. Maurice Tomlinson Attorney-at-law based in Western Jamaica, a consultant to AIDS FREE WORLD, and a former Board member of a local AIDS organization was sent an email (apparently) for his letter published in the Observer addressing a recent incident in Montego Bay where police officers raided a club and injured several persons, which was addressed by a fellow blogger and can be found here: Big Blow For Homeless/Displaced MSMs In Western Jamaica …..

The email from one Sydney Dixon stated:

listen battyman we in Jamaica wont endorse r accept you faggots no matter what the fuck u guys try 2 say r do…..get that through ur thick skulls!!!!!!!!!!!!
we have different culture n upbringing fr north americans or whomever else … should consider moving sumwhere there……in the meantime shut the fuck up r you will fucking die!!!!!!!!

The incident was apparently reported to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the following was their response:

It is interesting that an international body has to call upon Jamaica to take measures to protect Mr. Maurice Tomlinson. The government (if they were notified of this incident) should have taken the steps without direction from said organisation. 

I would like to hear though, what P.M. Golding has to say about this since he and the parliament of the land do not believe that GLBTQA Jamaicans are deserving and/or do not need 'protection under the law' as they are not 'at risk' (see Why We Need The Petition Signed which highlight's the P.M.'s response and incidences of violence).

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