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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uganda nightmare and Jamaican's ignorance

On The Ground News Report on facebook posted an item about the recent publishing of the names and photographs of gays in Uganda. This particular news paper published for the second consecutive time, the names and photographs of some homosexuals living in Uganda, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) sought an injunction against the paper. Uganda’s high court ordered Rolling Stone to stop publishing the names and photographs of people it says are gay, ruling that the publication is violating their right to privacy. 

The initial comments didn't surprise me, indeed as much as P.M. Golding would love to live under a rock and proclaim to the world that Jamaicans are loving tolerating people there are still the many who would take the same steps and encourage violence against GLBTQIs by doing the same thing the Ugandan paper- Rolling Stone- did.

One particular commenter seriously proved his ignorance and had me ranting and raving for a while before calming down in order to write. 

This particular commenter went ahead to voice a statement that many others would have voiced: "What has happen to the freedom of the press, what other people names can they now not publish" Hmm let me think for a while.... freedom of press? There is also the right to privacy and security of the person, I do believe that these two rights overrides this particular freedom. 

When the exercising of your particular right is going to put another person or group of persons into danger, or infringe upon their right then there has to be a balance with the exercising of that right. This doesn't apply only to these kinds of rights any right you can think of can infringe on someone else's right, that's one reason there are laws that govern our actions, it regulates society and the behaviour of society creating and maintaining (or ought to) a balance for the exercising of each right. 

Now I would seriously want to label this commenter an idiot but then is it not his right to express his thoughts? But shouldn't he exercise that right to the extent that it doesn't infringe on someone else's right? So if he believes and expresses that gays are evil and should be imprisoned that is his thought, BUT, if he INCITES others to go out and kill gays because they are evil and nasty then he has by his action and exercise of his right infringed up the right to life of a gay person. 

I understand the strong religious sentiments that are usually attached to the debate of homosexuality, however the hypocrisy that is entangled with it all would be amusing if it weren't that lives were at stake.  

Some comments voice the desire for the same to happen in Jamaica. And then what will happen? Bloodshed! What will that achieve?

P.M. Golding and those of you who believe that Jamaicans are oh so tolerant its time for you to stop being an ostrich take your heads out of the sand because you've left your backside unprotected to the possible consequences of your ignorance. 

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