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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pegasus Clarifies Stance

On November 11, 2010 J-FLAG made a booking at the Pegasus Hotel 16, to host a meeting with other similar organisations and stakeholders with a view to examining the role of human rights in respect of the LGBTI community in Jamaica. On November 16 two days before the scheduled meeting Mr Dane Lewis, Executive Director of J-FLAG, received a phone call from the hotel Director of Sales and Marketing who explained that because of the nature of work carried out by J-FLAG, the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel was not willing to allow such an event to take place on its premises.

On November 25, J-FLAG was invited to a meeting with the General Manager, Hotel Manager and the Director of Sales and Marketing of The Jamaica Pegasus, in response to the issue of J-FLAG being denied the rental of meeting space. Eldon Bremmer, the General Manger stated he was aware that J-FLAG's access to the premises for the above mentioned purpose was being denied, the decision he stated was based on an unfortunate experience from a private party with members of the community. The Management admitted that they had handled the situation badly and recognised a different approach was needed to address concerns. It was underscored by the management that J-FLAG would not in the future be prevented from booking the facilities.

Thank you fellow blogger at GLBTQJA Wordpress, I would have had to find this on the international scene or wait till The Pink Report posted it. Always on the ball! Good!

** Parts of this post were taken from  Front Line Protection of Human Rights Defenders and The Pink Report**

1 comment:

  1. Always to serve Ranting sister, as you and others are saying we had to hear this from an overseas source reinforcing the need for us to create our own news and present issues from our perspective which is NOT to say we are against our foreign allies.

    However I am not pleased with the zeal JFLAG stepped on this when there are more important issues in the community that need attention The Pegasus and their phobia could have stayed for all I care competition would have fixed that as there are a myriad of choices in Kingston for meeting and conference facilities.

    Peace and love


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