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Friday, August 19, 2011

Paedophilia and homosexuality are not the same.

‘Paedophilia is a psychosexual disorder in which the fantasy or actual act of engaging in sexual activity with prepubescent children is the preferred or exclusive means of achieving sexual excitement and gratification. It may be directed toward children of the same sex or children of the other sex.’ (Encyclopaedia of Mental Disorders).

Tyrone Reid in a January article “Jamaica's Hidden Paedophilia Problem”, stated that Vanessa Paisley, clinical psychologist, stressed that “it was important to recognise that within the society, there were culturally accepted norms of older men having sexual relationships with younger women”, and that “though these relationships are culturally bound, their existence must not be ignored, especially in light of the psychological impact that they can have on the minor involved.”

There are heterosexual paedophiles and there are homosexual paedophiles. Does that mean that all heterosexuals are paedophiles? Obviously not! So why then is it that when the conversation on homosexuality comes up persons draw on paedophilia as a scare factor?

I don’t see concerned citizens flooding the news papers condemning sexual relationships between older heterosexual males and their female teenage ‘lovers’, condemning men who demand that parents bring their underage girls to them. Yet you get into a rage and use fear to prevent homosexuals who want a relationship or to be sexually active with a consenting adult from receiving the rights due to them under the Jamaican constitution and by virtue of them being a citizen of the world. 

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