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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jamaica Constabulary Force Response to Concerns about Gays & Organised Crime

The following is a statement from the Commissioner of Police

Recent statements by Senior Superintendent of Police Fitz Bailey, head of the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in which he identifies persons of the Gay Community as being prominently involved in the ‘Lottery Scam’ an organised and highly lucrative criminal enterprise have evoked concerns from several quarters.

The Gay Community represented by JFLAG, along with Jamaicans For Justice and prominent attorneys are among those expressing concern.
SSP Bailey’s attempt at clarifying his statement and placing it within the context of offender profiling has not fully resolved the concerns of the Gay Community and their sympathisers.

I have discussed the matter with SSP Bailey. He shared information with me supporting his assertion and cited discussions he has had with representatives of JFLAG about the problem. He fully understands the basis of concern for the safety and well-being of members of the Gay Community who may be targeted by misguided individuals simply because of the statements under reference.

The JCF therefore withdraws the statement and expresses regret to all Jamaicans and our international partners for any concern, anxiety and any appearance of unfair labelling which may have been construed from the message.

We wish to assure all that the JCF has no policy of singling out any particular social grouping for special Police attention. Our focus is on enforcing the laws without fear, favour, prejudice or ill will.
The JCF stands willing to receive and deal dispassionately with feedback from our publics. Our mission remains to serve, protect and re-assure all.

A willingness to listen and to review a position, which generates concern and anxiety in the way the comments of the SSP did, is testimony to our belief in and commitment to this mission.                                                                                                 ​                                                                             


  1. SSP Bailey may have erred indeed that is undeniable but as to how it was presented to us I think TVJ is also grossly irresponsible in how they ferreted the information and thus presented it to us, Nadine McCleod the reporter at the time said clearly that the gentleman did not elaborate what specific crimes same gender loving men were involved in, wouldn't it have been prudent for a journalist/reporter and by extension the newsroom editor/mgr to even go as far as a last minute follow-up before going on air with this news?

    Notice she only mentioned the lottery scam AFTER the juicy section was presented, trickery desso to me.

    To simply say to us in the piece that he didn't specify and leave it hanging is grossly irresponsible journalism, it seems to me TVJ already had the juicy part when he said gays were responsible for the so called crimes, sensationalist hype to me, the gay community has to be careful how we jump at everything too quickly without checking and rechecking.

    Did JFLAG ask for the full recording of the interview to see if any editing was done to leave out any context SSP may have said ? I doubt it, the ethical point has not been challenged.

    Also he (SSP) did say twice in the short clip that made it to air that: "I am not going to be prejudicial in my statement ....What I observed is that maybe 80 - 90% of these persons are homosexuals, it is something .... I don't know the gay community ... not being prejudicial but that's what we have identified."

    Think on these things

  2. I agree with you, and it's something I want to address when I do my own review. I didn't hear the news myself but I had heard persons saying the say thing you are.

    I did post on FB that it seems the media has deliberately taken it and sensationalized it.


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