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Friday, February 25, 2011

This Buju Banton Thing

Popular reggae artiste Mark Myrie better known as Buju Banton, was found guilty in a Florida court, on three charges on Tuesday, February 22. The artiste was found guilty of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine, attempted possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, and using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence. He was found not guilty of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking offence.(On the Ground News Reports).

This conviction brought to the fore the ignorance of many Jamaicans. The discriminatory slurs and comments uttered by Jamaicans can be found all over the internet. In particular On the Ground News Reports on Facebook, below is a sample of the comments on their page:

How people believe that Buju Banton was set up by gays and that his conviction was coloured by the 'all powerful' gay lobby is beyond me. My opinion is that if someone is guilty and found so by a jury, then they are guilty. Many Jamaicans in blaming gays, refuse to see the logic in the fact that no one but Buju Banton is to be blamed for his own predicament. If you're not inclined to do something then you will not be caught doing it, a simple example (my comment posted on On the Ground News Reports):

"...If you're not inclined to certain things you won't be lured into the trap. If a man nuh gay nor have the inclination him nah go find himself in "compromising position(s)" with other males. Therefore boasting or not, entrapped or not HE placed himself in the cross hairs. Stop playing the blame game."

There are some other Jamaicans who share the same sentiment:

Dear readers, do you believe that Buju Banton was unfaily convicted based on 'Boom Bye Bye' and the 'Gay Agenda' or by his own actions?


  1. well done expose the bastards a talk bout conspiracy how can gays break into the DEA??? is just beyond me see the link to the transcripts as well on

  2. same thing me saying, the conspiracy arguments make no sense. will follow the link shortly


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