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Monday, September 27, 2010

Follow Up on the Stand Up To Violence

Have you seen the news of the RJR website of the Stand Up To Violence? The News Centre checked with the police to confirm the allegations. In my humble opinion the police wouldn't have the cases recorded as ones of corrective rape as I don't believe any of the women had disclosed their orientation nor had any made claims that they were raped because of their sexuality. 

Also I think that they would not have disclosed such information for fear that their cases would have been dealt with differently, or fear that such information would get out and instead of things becoming better, get worse.

The police being unable to confirm such accusations, paints in the public's eye (esp those of the dark and ignorant ones) that JFLAG, and by extension the community is making up these stories.

One commenter asked “Since when lesbian is a community?” My humble answer would be:
  1. Mr. Lewis said LGB community
  2. What is a community? A social group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.
  3. By the above definition I believe any reasonable person would agree that lesbians, gays, and bisexuals form a community.

Another commenter wrote:

“In reference to the first comment ‘Since when is lesbian a community?’

We have to be a community, as others in the wider community fight us with such hatred. These incidents did occur, (and many more which are not reported) the problem is that the persons did not identify themselves as Lesbians and why should they, would it make a difference in the way they were handled......, maybe.

I have heard such derogatory statements from those who should be protecting us ‘all dem need is a good man to f… dem’ and ‘sodomite fi ded’, what would give us the impetus to report these incidents and identify yourself as a Lesbian.”

Of course the comment was censored and the second part of the above comment was removed, I therefore received the complete comment directly from the commenter (JB). 

You can view the report and comments here.

It is good to see though that action is being taken to bring to light the perils of the lesbian and bisexual female population. As it used to be a noted issue that the lesbians and bisexual females seemed to be left out.

1 comment:

  1. With such things happenings i.e. corrective rape, lesbians are fearful of being judged by the community at large which is one of the reasons they do not disclose their sexuality. They feel like persons will never take them seriously.


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