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Monday, July 5, 2010

JFLAG at it again

The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) mounted a Stand Up to CARICOM across from the entrance to the Hilton Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica, the site of the 31st CARICOM Heads of Government meeting. The continued presence of "anti-buggery laws in 11 of the 14 member states in CARICOM which contribute to discrimination, marginalization and other serious human rights violations of CARICOM citizens", lead to the decision to 'mount the stand' (Jason McFarlane, Programme Manager of J-FLAG).  The group bore placards calling for the repeal of the anti-buggery laws, as well as an end to gay discrimination and improved human rights for all citizens in CARICOM. The group was able to stand peacefully for 17 minutes before they were professionally asked by the police to relocate due to security concerns. 


I haven't heard of any physical violence against the group only verbal assaults and a few finger showing, otherwise it seems to have gone over smoothly. It wasn't on the news either so may we assume that it was a low keyed event and accomplished that objective? Lets watch the news media in the coming days to see what may happen. Overall though I'm happy that all things turned out well. It does seem that J-FLAG is indeed coming out of its hiding place and aiming to silence dissenting and frustrated community members and bloggers. J-FLAG seems to be more active now as well, remember the Walk for Tolerance in April, the Stand Against Silence in May, the remembrance of a life lost done in June, and now a stand against CARICOM. Is this just one of those phases that will come to an end soon, or something that will continue? Only time can tell.

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